Monday, August 26, 2019

Research Proposal (Ideology) Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Research Proposal (Ideology) - Thesis Example Global media flows should be correlated with the modern global options of information transmittance and ability of different nations to be equal users of different types of information (Brabazon; Croteau, Hoynes, 2003). Further on this proposal will be focused on different types of media flows and the means of information regulation across boundaries. Moreover, the main emphasis will be made on the necessity to preserve local uniqueness and originality of information thus preserving national dignity and value (Hall, 2007). Very often small countries or local communities are unable to preserve their uniqueness and it is important to redirect that global inconsistent information flow from citizens enslavement to their independent performance at the global arena. A spirit of anti-globalization movement is on the way of its development and the modern society is very often scared off by the inconsistent trends in the field of globalization and is open for development of challenging decisi ons in this field. This article deals with economic globalization definition. It is claimed that the processes of globalization are less developed than it is often found out in the economical studies. This dual basis of globalization definition on the basis of different studies in economy signifies that technology and industrialization are two key decisive factors influencing the processes of globalization. The author of the article makes an emphasis on subjection of smaller states to the influence of globalization. Therefore, the main attention of the readers is referred to inability of globalization to unite the nations, but is rather focused on their separateness. Machida, Satoshi. â€Å"Globalization and citizens’ support for global capitalism: Multi-level analyses from the world-system perspective,† Journal of Developing Societies, Vol. 27, No.2, 2011, pp. 119 – 151 This article is focused on considerations about the unequal structure of the

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