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Business management course work Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Business way course work - Term Paper ExampleA lack of coordination takes place when teams work on the same project do not coordinate and this lack of coordination is represented both vertically and horizontally. Unclear answerableness mechanism further adds fuel to the fire of depleting aggregate performance of the organization. Centralization cannot be termed as an sound way to manage organization like RIM. on that point is no clear marketing strategy. Section II Statements of the Problem Research In Motion (RIM) has failed to develop and maintain a sustainable motivation, accountability and effective marketing strategy (Castaldo, 2012). The organization has grown unorganized and unmanageable where a lack of clear-cut direction and conflicting opinions have compounded the aggregate management of the company (Castaldo, 2012). Section III Causes of the Problem Demotivation Motivation is the degree to which an employee wants and selects to carry out specific behavior (Mullins, 20 09, p. 471). This specific behavior is nurtured to obtain intended departmental and organizational goals and objectives. As motivation has both aspects in the form of intrinsic and extrinsic manifestations, the employees of RIM were not given sustainable workplace environment in which they could convert their potential into the desired results. For instance, according to a former employee, the new operational staff members were never fully empowered to carry out their jobs (Castaldo, 2012). This meaning the staff did not receive authority, sense of work ownership and a clear cut direction to attain a particular set of objectives. As a result, the sustainable motivation did not continue instead demotivation replaced motivation. Lack of Coordination It was common for a few teams working on the same project to pull in they were unlikely to make the date, but no one spoke up, under the belief that another team was even farther behind(Castaldo, 2012). This statement mentions that there was no active and consistent coordination between teams working even on the same project. They were on their own and they did not feel necessity to obtain education and see their progress on the project. Additionally, there was no strong check from the senior management whether the teams assigned to work and complete the same project were working in the suggested direction or the teams were facing issues related to the same project. There was a complete absence seizure of vertical and horizontal coordination in the organization. In the absence of coordination, there would be no way to entertain department and organizational objectives. Unclear Accountability Mechanism Accountability can also be specify as the systematic inclusion of critical elements of program planning, implementation and evaluation with an aim of achieving desired results (Wandersman et al., 2000, p. 389). At RIM, nobody was accountable when a proposal or project failed to meet the expected level of performance . In the absence of any accountability mechanism, it would be very difficult to learn from mistakes and derive certain result-oriented lessons from such(prenominal) steps. When accountability mechanism is not present and nobody is ready and willing to take and accept responsibility, strategic loss and strategic decline is unavoidable and it is what that is occurrence

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