Monday, June 17, 2019

Movie Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Movie Assignment - Essay Examples son, Michael, is critically ill of heart disease and he has already been taken to hospital (Crisis of trust Memorial infirmary) by his parents Michael needed heart transplantation. Unfortunately, Michaels parents are unable to raise the required money, and they engage already exhausted all the possible mean to raise the $750, 000 required for Michaels name to be included in the list of patients waiting operation. pot Q had to decide on whether to modify Michael to another hospital (County Hospital) or to use any other possible mean to clear his son operated. Michael would most likely die if his parents transferred him to a County Hospital because the County Hospitals would not have been able to operate him. Desperate to see his son inured, hind end Q decided to use violence so that his son could be treated John held hostage the stuff and the patients in the Emergency Room hostage so that his son could be treated. Eventually, Johns plan succee ded and his son was operated. In this movie, John had also attempted to commit suicide so that he could donate his heart to his son.Having analysed the situation in which John Q found himself, it is clear that John Q did not act with integrity. This is because integrity demands that one should act in the right way and a manner consistent with the prevailing rules and laws. Although John Q was desperate to have his son treated, and, although his plan of resorting to violence finally worked, Johns action of resort to violence, however, were not in line with the rules and the laws of the hospital. For this reason, therefore, John Q did not act with integrity. John also did not act with integrity by attempting to commit suicide so as to donate his heart to his son. This is because, rather than attempting to commit suicide, John could have let the hospital look for the heart for the transplantation.Johns wife, Denise, also did not act with integrity in the movie. This is because Denise c ollaborated with John

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